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Professional Liability 

What is Responsibility?

Liability is the set of adverse consequences in case of:

  • Failure to fulfill contractual obligations (intra-contractual liability).

  • Culpable and illegal infringement of foreign legal property (tort liability).


What is Tort Liability?

Tort liability follows directly from the law without requiring the existence of any contractual relationship between the obligee and the beneficiary.


Where is tort liability specifically described?

In article 914 of the Civil Code.


What does Article 914 of the Civil Code state?

Whoever damages another illegally and culpably has the obligation to compensate him.


Professional Liability is the Civil Liability of the insured, towards third parties, for sums of money, which he will be obliged to pay by law, as compensation for third party claims raised against him during the insurance period, due to mistakes and / or omissions of the insured or the persons he has in his service and which are due solely to the performance of his professional activities.

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