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The company

My Insurance Choice is specialized on private insurance. It has as its objective to provide insurance mediation with all sectors of insurance. ​Specialized in providing insurance services to individuals as well as legal entities (companies).


My Insurance Choice consists of specialized executives, with long standing experience in the field of private insurance, emphasizing on finding and meeting the real needs of both the individual and the company. The executives have over 25 years experience and the company has been active since 2006. ​


My Insurance Choice offers consulting enabling leading companies into the digital world through qualified employees and executives in the web design industry and digital advertising. This will enable us to expand your market reach and widen your customer base.


The goal of My Insurance Choice is to provide the interested party with reliable, affordable and easy solutions, quickely. Our goal is to facilitate the transition party into the digital era via mutual cooperation and to provide high quality service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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In My Insurance Choice we specialize in managing insurance indemnities and of all claims. Our main concern is the rights of the insured and the absolute compliance of the terms of the contract by the respective insurance company.

Vision of My Insurance Choice is:

The customer should feel safe & have full confidence in buying products to cover all their insurance needs online.

Goal My Insurance Choice is:

  1. The trust of its customers, both in terms of the choice of insurance coverage and in terms of their compensation.

  2. The service of its customers without geographical barriers as well as time barriers, since it provides 24-hour communication with  the insurance agent, wherever the agent or the client is.

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