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It's great to know that there is a way to feel confident about tomorrow - for you and your family!


My Insurance Choice offers you the most comprehensive Medical Accident Expence plans.


Consistently & flexibly, tailored to your own real needs so you can enjoy your daily life without fears and insecurities.


Accident Expenses Coverage:

  • Medical Expenses are covered as a result of an accident INPATIEN & OUTPATIEN!

  • Maximum per incident € 1,000  - € 2,000 - € 3,000!

  • Without Insured Participation.


Doctors' fees

 Expenses for drugs

Medical Exams (diagnostic Exams)



Other Expenses

Expenses - doctors' fees are covered:

  • Clinical examinations   (either to a private doctor, or to a doctor of regular or outpatient clinics of a Nursing Institution).  

  • Medical actions   (eg stitches, either to a private doctor, or to a doctor of regular or outpatient clinics of a Nursing Institution). 

Costs of purchasing medicines are covered:

  • Medications & treatment to be recommended by the treating physician.

  • Ointments and other para-drugs to be prescribed by the treating physician.

The costs of Diagnostic Examinations are covered:

  • Imaging or laboratory tests  to be recommended by the treating physician.

  • The examinations can be done in all the private diagnostic centers, or in all the private Nursing Institutions.

Consumables are covered:

  • Materials of medical operations.  

  • Splints, Guardians, Plasters, Armpit Crutches, Elbow Bacteria, Simple Walkers. 

Expenses for Physiotherapy are covered:

  • To a private Physiotherapist of your choice.

  • Number of Physiotherapies that will be recommended by the treating physician.

Other expenses are covered:

  • Hospital Expenses.

  • Purchases & Installation Expenses of Artificial body prostheses.

  • Costs of Purchase & Installation of Corrective Devices as well as aids of their operation.

  • Use of an Ambulance.


                   1 - 17 years old
Coverage Ammount 1,000 € / accident   €52.14
Coverage Ammount 2,000€  /accident  NOT PROVIDED
Coverage Ammount
3,000 € /accident NOT PROVIDED

                18 - 50 years old
Coverage Ammount 1,000 €/accident € 68,24
Coverage Ammount 2,000€/accident  € 96.99
Coverage Ammount 3,000€/accident € 114.24

              51 - 70 years old
Coverage Ammount 1,000€/accident  € 79.74
Coverage Ammount 2,000€/accident  € 114.24
Coverage Ammount 3,000€/accident  € 136.09

Up to 60%  discount to annual premium in case of  2 or more members coverage

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