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Health Plans

By choosing one of the following Health insurance plans you ensure:


  • Coverage that can accompany you throughout your life.

  • Free choice of hospital in Greece and abroad, depending on the program of your choice and  special privileges in case of hospitalization in the Contracted Nursing Institutions.

  • Choice of hospitalization depending on the program of your choice.

  • Coverage of your loved ones, spouse and children, with the same privileges and benefits.

  • Significant family premium discounts of 20% for the spouse, 30% for the 1st child, 40% for the 2nd child, 50% for the 3rd child and free insurance from the 4th child and above.

  • Additional operation with a public coverage and any group insurance policy.

  • Additional Health Services through a Network of Doctors, a Network of Dental Clinics, a Network of Diagnostic Centers, Collaborations with Hospitals, for the holders of a health insurance program, which also cover the costs of out-of-hospital diagnostic examinations.

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