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About us

Nikoleta Simopoulou


Nikoleta Simopoulou took her Insurance Consultant license in 2007, at which time she was active in the Insurance industry.

She specialized in the Health & Life Care Sector, by attending special training seminars through the Bank of Greece & through Insurance Companies. 

In 2014 she received the Insurance Agent license, so she may having the possibility to represent more than one Insurance Company. Because of this, she specialized in  Property & General Insurance Sector and thus she has been dealing with Business Insurance as well.

In 2016 she created the Insurance Agency under the brandname My Insurance Choice. The Insurance Agency cooperates with all Insurance Companies & practices all Insurance Occupations.

Brandname Story

Dual meaning:

  • Now being an insurance agency, we give the customer a variety of options to cover their insurance needs, thus we allow them to choose the coverage that will perfectly match their insurance needs.

  • So we become their 1st insurance choice..

So...... My Insurance Choice




2007 - 2014


At My Insurance Choice agency. Insurance Agency

Insurance agent -

Insurance Agency

Insurance Consultant 

2007 - 2009 Aspis Pronoia

2009 - 2014  National Insurance

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