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Father with his Son

It's great to know that there is a way to feel confident about tomorrow - for you and your family!


My Insurance Choice offers you the most comprehensive Medical Accident Expence plans.


Consistently & flexibly, tailored to your own real needs so you can enjoy your daily life without fears and insecurities.



  • Life Insurance                                                                         €10,000

  • Permanent Total Disability from Accident 80% coverage        €15,000

  • Permanent Partial Disability from Accident 80% coverage

      rate on the capital depending on the grade

      of impotence                                                                             €15,000

  • Medical Expenses from Accident or Illness

        in a public hospital,  80% coverage per event and annually    €1,500

  • General Hospital Care in a Public Hospital

      80% coverage per event and annually                                      €10,000

Annual Premiums

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