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Home Insurance

Relaxing at Home

"My Home" programs, protection of home & content, from any risk, through a wide range of benefits and coverages.

"Nowhere does one feel more safe than at home." So, at least, it should be for our favorite place, with our loved ones, with our favorite objects.

Home Insurance Plans

Why insure your home?

It is:

  • An asset of great economic value and emotional value,

  • A possibility of damage that no one knows when and to whom it will happen, nor with what financial consequences,

  • A collateral at a very low cost (in relation to the high value of the house),

  • Compulsory insurance in case of lending

"Home was not built in a day"   Jane Sherwood Ace


Flood & natural desasters




Short circuit





Fire - Lightning - Wide Explosion & Solar Water Heater Explosion - Forest - Aircraft Crash - Third Party Vehicle Collision - Smoke, Fire Extinguishing Damage, Water Pumping Expenses, Arrests, Storms  ΔΕΗ / ΟΤΕ. Third Party Liability, Mortgage Installment Coverage, Temporary Accommodation Expenses


Benefits of Simple  +

Boiler Damage, Building Damage from Thief, Burglary - Leak -  Overflow of Cooling Water Tanks , Loss of rent, Cashier contents cover, Sedimentation, Landslide, Collapse, Automatic capital replenishment, Refrigerated food spoilage, Document reissue costs, Burglary.


Similar to Basic 

- No exemptions-

Main Insurance Covers

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