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Medical Insurance
A Supportive Hug

Above and above all human goods there is one that is the most valuable, Health.

So because our health is the first priority, trust My Insurance Choice. My Insurance Choice offers you a range of health plans that can meet all of your potential health needs for yourself, your family and your family.

By choosing one of the Health insurance programs you ensure:

  • Insurance that can accompany you throughout your life.

  • Free choice of hospital in Greece and abroad, depending on the program of your choice and  special privileges in case of hospitalization in the Contracted Nursing Institutions.

  • Choice of hospitalization depending on the program of your choice.

  • Insurance of your loved ones, spouse and children, with the same privileges and benefits.

  • Significant family premium discounts of 20% for the spouse, 30% for the 1st child, 40% for the 2nd child, 50% for the 3rd child and free insurance from the 4th child and above.

  • Additional operation with a public body and any group insurance policy.

  • Additional Health Services through a Network of Doctors, a Network of Dental Clinics, a Network of Diagnostic Centers, Collaborations with Hospitals, for the holders of a health insurance program of National Insurance, which also covers the costs of out-of-hospital diagnostic examinations.




Exemption amount 
(or Insured Participation)

Participation of a Public Insurance Institution

Nursing Allowance 
or Surgical Allowance

Coverage Capital:


Room class:

A (Single room)

B (Double room)

Exemption Options:

No Exemption

500 € / Hospitalization

€ 1,500 / Hospitalization

3,000 € / Hospitalization

6,000 € / Hospitalization

11.000 € / Hospitalization

Exemption Offset:

The amount of participation of the Public Insurance Institution is included in the amount of exemption of the insured .

Hospitalization or Surgery in a Public Hospital:

150 € / day of Hospitalization  the  

Surgical Allowance on the table of surgeons' fees at a rate of 50%.

(Benefit given when no other medical expenses are requested)

Medical  - Diagnostic Operations in Hospital

Invasive - Medical Diagnostic Examinations limit 1,000 € / year





Osteomyelitis biopsy  

Transrectal Prostate Biopsy

Insured Participation: 20%

With the use of Public Insurance Institution: 0%

Other Expenses

Pre & After Hospitalization Expenses  

Expenses related to the Hospitalization (eg Diagnostic examinations - Medical Visits / Operations, etc.)

Transport Expenses:

Air transport

Ambulance Use

Coverage All over Greece & Abroad

Entry age up to 70 years

*The premium is affected by the age & gender of the insured/insured, the exemption amount & the hospitalization location.

20 years old
Without Exemption (Single):     848 € / Year
Exemption € 500 (Double):     720 € / Year
Capital 1,500 € (Double):     307 € / Year

40 years old
Without Exemption (Single):   1,377€ / Year
Exemption € 500 (Double):     1,027€ / Year
Capital 1,500 € (Double):     464 € / Year

60 years old
Without Exemption (Single):   3,381€ / Year
Exemption € 500 (Double):     2,498€ / Year
Capital 1,500 € (Double):     1,239€ / Year

30 years old
Without Exemption (Single):   1,114€ / Year
Exemption € 500 (Double):     812€ / Year
Capital 1,500 € (Double):     341€ / Year

50 years old
Without Exemption (Single):   2,141€ / Year
Exemption € 500 (Double):     1,477€ / Year
Capital 1,500 € (Double):     737€ / Year

70 years old
Without Exemption (Single):   5,282€ / Year
Exemption € 500 (Double):     3,720€ / Year
Capital 1,500 € (Double):      2,160€ / Year

Up to 60%  discount to annual premium in case of  2 or more members coverage

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