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Property Liability

The program of NP insurance LIABILITY OF PROPERTY PROPERTY is an insurance product, which covers the Civil Liability of the Owner of a building / apartment / house (permanent or holiday), a house rented for tourist purposes against third parties and / or visitors.

The program covers the statutory Civil Liability of the insured and his addressees, from the use and operation of his facilities, according to articles 914-932 of the Civil Code. for damages (bodily injury or death or material damage), which may be caused to third parties, customers and visitors through the fault of the insured and the persons he has in his service.

   Insured Riesks                                                                                                      Plan Α           Plan Β          Plan C       Plan D     


  Injures &/or Life insurane caused by accindets                                              30.000€        50.000€     100.000€   200.000€ 


  Group Accident / per event                                                                                 60.000€      100.000€     200.000€   300.000€


  Damages                                                                                                                20.000€        50.000€     100.000€   150.000€


  Liability Ceiling                                                                                                      80.000€      150.000€     300.000€   450.000€

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