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Civil Liability of Person - Family

The program PERSONAL LIABILITY - FAMILY is an insurance product, which covers Personal or Family Liability against third parties.

The following are considered as a family:

  • the spouse of the insured

  • their minor children up to the age of 18 or 25 if they are studying and who live with the insured

  • the parents of the insured if they live with the insured

The program covers the statutory Civil Liability of the insured and his addressees (spouse, children), who live with him and depend financially on him, from acts or omissions of the insured, according to articles 914-932 of the Civil Code. . for damages (bodily injury / death / or property damage), which may be caused to third parties including non-pecuniary damage and mental suffering and which may occur within the period of validity of the insurance coverage.

With the following extensions:

  • Pet liability. The following breeds of Doberman, Pit-bull, Rottweiler are excluded from the coverage.

  • Liability from cycling.

  • Liability in their movement as pedestrians or as passengers of public transport.

  • Liability from the use and operation of the main residence with the extension of liability from fire, explosion and short circuit (including adjacent assets) and liability from burglary / leakage / overflow of water supply, cooling, heating, etc.

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