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Care Plan
Mother and Son

CARE plan provides substantial coverage at very competitive costs, while children up to 14 years old (up to two children) are insured completely free of charge, when both parents are insured in the plan.

To whom is it adressed to;

  • To individuals or families who want substantial coverage in specific hospitals in Athens & Thessaloniki.

  • To individuals or families who wish to cover primary & secondary care.

  • To our existing customers who are unable to serve full coverage contracts and are looking to find a more economical solution or are in the process of discontinuing their hospitalization (for financial reasons) - with an insurability check. 

Strengths of the Program:

  • Individuals or families who want to have coverage with the lowest possible premium, as the family insurance program insures up to 2 children under 14 years of age free of charge.




Exemption amount 
(or Insured Participation)

Maximum Coverage Ammount per year:

€ 50,000

Class room:

B (Double room)

Exemption Options:

1000 € / Hospitalization

This amount is also offset by the amount to be paid by the Public Insurance Institution.

Diagnostic exams

Medical Visits

Free of charge Diagnostic Tests for Emergencies:

Up to € 200 / case

Free of charge Medical Visits for Emergencies:

On-call specialties

  Regular Medical Visits (scheduled):

10 € Participation of the Insured

To pediatricians of the contracted network:

20 € Participation of the Insured

* The premium is affected by the age & sex of the insured / insured.

20 years: 281.93 € annually
30 Years: 361.18 € annually
40 Years: 376.68 € annually


50 years old: 513.16 € annually
60 years: 746.57 € annually
70 years: € 1,704.15 annually

75 years old: € 2,000/ annually

In case of family insurance, children up to 14 years (up to 2) are insured free of charge!

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